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Types of graduate roles in the IT & Software Development sector

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If you're considering IT, software and technology, or just want to know more, take a peek at the main types of technology and technical-focused roles available to graduates.

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Product Developers /Product Managers /Product Directors

Put simply, the role of a Product Manager is to develop new products and bring them to market, for example: apps, websites or games. Product development may involve modification of an existing product or its presentation or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.

To excel in this field you'll need to have technical nous combined with astute commercial awareness and business instincts. You'll need to translate the vision of the leadership and management teams into technical solutions so you'll need to be both consultative and inquistive to do well. 

IT/Telecoms Management

Day to day, you'll be responsible for all aspects of IT infrastructure, application and operation - either in an in-house role in one business or on behalf of a number of clients. 

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Systems Development

You'll use a combination of database design, programming and system architecture skills to develop systems for companies and clients. You'll be logical, analytical and technically creative. 

Systems Design

You'll work on the technical design, functional processes and implementation of a system - from business analysis systems to ones that focus on audit. 

Programmers aren't just needed for Banks and Technology Systems - Web Developers are a key part of the Marketing & Creative Industries.

IT Operations Technicians (network support)

Sometimes known as network support, in this role, you'll provide support for all communication and computer networks in different organisations.

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IT User Support Technicians (help desk support) 

Also known as help desk support, you'll solve faults and problems as they occur and advise clients to maximise the use of software features. 


In this kind of role, you'll have responsibility for writing and testing individual programmes that can shape a company's given strategy and future growth. You might find yourself working at a large established corporate or a fast-growing, technology-focused, entrepreneurial business. 

Software Designers & Engineers

You'll design, research and develop computer software and software systems for clients. You'll become an expert tester and part of your role will be to debug existing software systems and make constant improvements. Focus and an eye for detail are essential for excelling in this type of role. 

Web Developers & Producers

The name given to those who design and produce websites. This role combines technical expertise with graphic design. You could work in-house at a company or within an agency working for an array of different clients. You'll work closely with CEOs, Project and Product Managers and Senior Marketers to create platforms, products and marketing campaigns that can drive a company forward. 

Network/Systems Designers and Engineers

In a role like this, your priority is to install and maintain communication networks in organisations. You work to provide maximum performance and network availability for clients.

Database Administrator

You're responsible for the design and operational management of new databases and maintenance of existing ones.

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