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Leading graduate employers in the Technology sector

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The range of companies and opportunities in the technology sector that graduates can work for is vast.

Here we distill the top businesses that employ bright graduates into three main groups. Each type of company offers an incredible breadth of opportunity for those who want to be at the forefront of innovation and implementation.

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1. Technology Creators

These are the companies that produce hard and software. They range from major corporations, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, to smaller software houses specialising in one product.

Gaming companies also fall into this category as do the defence and aerospace businesses which create new technologies as part of their research and development arms.

Top Employers include: Google; Apple; Facebook; Qubit; SkyThales

2. Technology Enhancers

Software houses and consultancies which support client companies with their IT and technology challenges, and even sometimes take over responsibility of the client's entire activity. 

Top Employers: Deloitte; IBM; EY; Qube; PwC; KPMG; Accenture

3. End-users

These are the organisations which use IT to support their core activities - be that a major global bank or a supermarket brand. These types of companies employ about 55% of the IT and technology workforce in the UK.

Top Employers: BNP Paribas; Deutsche Bank; Credit Suisse; HSBC; Goldman Sachs; JP Morgan; Barclays

Here we explore some of the bigger companies in a little more detail. Click the links to visit their Bright Network pages.


With customers ranging from corporations to families, BT has been helping people stay in touch since 1980, with global opportunities in services big and small.


Circle is the revolutionary way to share money. Their passion is to make sending money as open and easy as sending anything else digitally.


Citrix innovate and succeed through the use of technology. Intense, challenging and exhilarating – working there can be a life-changing experience and a whole lot of fun.


We all know Facebook but that isn’t their only goal. Aiming for a more connected, open world, they invite you to join them to ‘move fast and break things’.


Fujitsu’s products and services touch 99% of the UK population every day. From high street shopping and online banking through to transport bookings and driving licences – make a real difference to people’s lives.


Unceasingly unconventional, Google is transforming technology online as well as offering open, interactive workspaces to encourage original thought and interaction.


One of the world’s largest IT and consulting services companies, IBM recruits from a range of backgrounds, prizing skills, creativity and passion.


The creators behind Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and many more. At King you’ll reach millions of players in every corner of the globe.


Microsoft is committed to developing new computing solutions to enable people to interact with technology at work and at home better than before. They offer a range of internships and graduate opportunities for those looking to empower their future.


A worldwide trusted provider of real estate management software, Qube is passionate about efficiency and solutions. A fantastic option for those looking to take their first steps towards a career in IT.


Creating the key technology found in staples such as traffic lights, wind turbines and medical scanners, Siemens has been keeping the world running for over 170 years, which also means developing top talent and innovators.


Sky’s ever-growing brand includes television, internet and communications. They’re looking for bright minds to develop their award-winning service and provide innovative entertainment for everyone.


A leading global travel search site enjoying phenomenal growth through driving innovation and transformation in online travel search. Skyscanner calls for more bright graduates to continue making its mark in the industry.


Communication relies on more than just technology. At Vodafone, you can play your part in connecting customers, whether in software, finance, marketing or any of the many vibrant Vodafone departments.

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