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Chris Jackson, Highway, Chesterfield, Transport, Graduate

Book open Reading time: 3 mins

Name: Chris Jackson

Job Title: Graduate Highways Engineer

Location: Chesterfield

Team and Business Line: Highways – Transportation

What drew you to work at AECOM originally? What would that be now – has it changed?

The variety of projects and wealth of knowledge drew me to AECOM, I wanted to start my career in an environment where I could learn every day. I’m still learning every day here and I’m happy I came here for this reason, I’d come here again if I was in the same position.

What is your role at AECOM?

My role for the first 7 months was to design and assess elements of major projects in highways, now I’ve recently begun a placement in the water team where I am identifying opportunities and designing sustainable drainage systems.

How long have you worked for AECOM?

I’ve been with AECOM for 9 months now.

What do you like most about working for AECOM?

The friendly environment. I’ve never had a negative experience with another person and everyone from other graduates to directors have always been happy to answer my questions and support my development as an engineer.

How has AECOM helped you in your career development?

Clear paths to chartership and guidance, my line manager has been especially helpful with understanding where I can go in my career.

How do you use AECOM’s ‘Freedom to Grow’ to give you a good work/life balance?

I use it to improve my health. I always start or finish slightly later and take a long lunch if I work from home. I use this extra time in the day to take a bike ride into the peak district. Freedom to grow has allowed me to improve my physical and mental health so I’m in the best shape I can be for both my work and home life.

How do you find hybrid working works for you – what benefits do you get from office working, site working, and home working?

Home working gives me the extra time to look after myself and have quiet days where I need them. The office is great for learning from others and seeing what other people do day to day.

What has been your favourite project to work on at AECOM?

My last project in highways was incredibly diverse in the work available to do on it, I’ve seen a big

part of the early stages of a major highways project in the UK now. I had a great time on this project both because of the interesting work and the people in the team.

Thinking about the projects you are involved in - how do you help to improve social outcomes for communities, or how have you contributed to sustainable solutions?

I’m currently working on sustainable drainage systems for a large section on Mansfield. The placement of these systems, which typically are engineered green spaces, can significantly improve the aesthetic of an area and provide benefit to local communities mental health.

What’s your proudest moment at AECOM?

Producing a Carbon Benchmarking tool for highways projects which allows designers to quickly put a back-of-envelope calculation together to see how much carbon a design might incur.

What have you gained from working at AECOM?

AECOM has given me a clear path to chartership and the tools/work to get there. I have become a better engineer and made a number of friends from joining the business.

What advice do you have for any prospective candidates?

Be willing to learn, to meet people and most importantly be open to anything that comes your way.