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5 Top Tips to Ace the Interview at Aon

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What are the stages of the interview process? 

There are six stages in our recruitment process:                     

1. Online Application - We will capture your personal information, academic history and check your eligibility. 

2. Online Assessments - We will present you with a series of online tasks. 

3. Video Interview - You'll be invited to record answers to a number of short interview questions, designed to learn more about you and your level of knowledge of Aon and our industry. 

 4. Shortlisting - If your video submission is successful, you will be placed on a short list, which the business will review to fill places at our assessment centres. 

5. Assessment Centre - A range of group and individual exercises. Depending on your performance, you could be offered a position at this stage. 

6. Final Interview - In some instances, you may be invited to a final formal interview 

What are your 5 top tips to ace the interview? 

Here are our 5 top tips to ace an Aon interview: 

1. Do your research on Aon, our competitors and the wider industry 

2. Be clear and concise when answering questions. Use the STARR technique to structure your answers 

3. Ask for clarification if needed 

4. Demonstrate positive body language, show your enthusiasm 

5. Ask your interviewer/s interesting questions at the end of your interview 

What are the most important skills that recruiters at Aon are looking for? 

  • Numerical reasoning and logic 

  • Motivation for the role - preparation, knowledge and research 

  • Communication - verbal and written 

  • Business awareness 

  • Flexibility and adaptability 

  • Team working 

  • Time management and prioritisation 

  • Energy and enthusiasm 


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