Meet our True North Scholars: Rhea Nambiar – Associate Consultant

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Tell us a bit about your path to Bain!

I moved to London in 2018 to study Economics & Management at KCL, and started exploring options for my very first job soon after! After hearing about Bain and meeting Bainies both formally and informally through events, I applied for the TNS workshop and attended in 2020. I got my offer during my final year, and after graduating in June 2021, I took some time off before starting at Bain in January 2022.

What was your experience of the True North Scholarship?

It was such a great, pressure-free environment to learn more about Bain and consulting in general! Even though it was the first virtual workshop due to Covid, it was so clear to me that all the Bainies involved were very invested in making it a great experience for us. There truly was no such thing as a stupid question through all the panels and exercises, we had several networking opportunities, and I was surrounded by likeminded students for 2 days!

How did taking part in the True North Workshop help you decide in a career in consulting? / Do youneed to be certain about a career in consulting before applying for True North?

The workshop solidified my interest in consulting and gave me more information on what the application process looked like, and what skills are needed to crack the case. There is no expectation to be certain about wanting to do consulting before the workshop, and you can use it to figure out what a career in consulting could mean for you.

What are some of the most important things you learnt at the True North Workshop?

The Bain way of problem solving by going through a real case study with a group was a really valuable experience. It showed me what a day in the life could look like. I truly feel like enjoying the workshop activities is a good way of testing whether you will enjoy the job itself. Panels and networking sessions also gave me insight into the Bain culture, such as finding out about benefits like MBA sponsorship, or affinity groups like South Asians @ Bain.

What was your highlight from the True North Scholarship?

The people! As cliché as it sounds, that still holds true. Some of the incredible women I attended the workshop with are now my closest friends! And, some of the inspiring people I met at the workshop are now my supervisors, managers and mentors.

What would be your best piece of advice for someone thinking about applying?

Just do it! TNSW is an incredible opportunity to jumpstart your career in consulting (if that’s what you decide), or just get the opportunity to learn a lot about one of the best places to work – while meeting some very fun people. If you are dabbling with the decision, I would recommend attending a Bain Recruiting event to learn more.