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Meet our Bainies: Fenna Agnew

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Fenna joined our London office as an Associate Consultant after completing a BA in History at the University of Cambridge.

Tell me about your journey since starting Bain and Company

I first got to know Bain by taking part in the True North: Scholarship for Women in summer 2021. The workshop gave me a really good understanding of the consulting industry and it was a brilliant opportunity to meet current Bainies and hear about their experiences. I didn’t get an offer the first time around, so I reapplied in the winter after I had a chance to practice my mental maths! After graduating, I took 6 months off to travel around Australia and New Zealand. I subsequently joined Bain in January 2023 and I’m currently staffed in the private equity ringfence.

Why did you pursue a career in consulting and why Bain?

When I was at university I didn’t have a clear idea of what industry I would like to go in to, so I was really attracted to consulting because it gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of industries and get an in-depth look at how they operated. I also thought there was a lot of crossovers between the elements of my degree that I enjoyed and the job of a consultant: conducting research into a new topic, prioritizing and interpreting information, and then communicating your findings in a compelling way.

I decided to join Bain because of the people! I really connected to every Bainie that I met during the recruitment process and since joining I have enjoyed the fun and collaborative culture at Bain.

What would be your best piece of advice for someone considering applying?

Practicing case studies early and often is important. It’s great to practice with a partner as this allows you to get comfortable with thinking out loud in a structured way. Being able to explain the implications of your analysis and putting it in the context of the wider problem is also key, and this enables you to drive the case forward and come to an answer.

What is one myth about consulting that is not true?

One myth that definitely isn’t true is that you need to have done an Economics degree or be an expert in business. It is true that you need to have a good level of commercial awareness but coming in as an Associate Consultant it is much more important to have strong analytical and communication skills. These can be developed in a wide variety of degree subjects, as well as activities outside of your degree like sports and societies. Bain will teach you everything else you need!