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Joe Hing, Trainee at Clifford Chance

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What attracted you to Clifford Chance and the Training Contract?

Besides the fact that Clifford Chance regularly conducts work for large clients across multiple jurisdictions, it was the consistency with which the firm acts on unique and complex matters that really attracted me to CC. From my SPARK scheme alone, I saw how the cutting-edge nature of these matters helped expose trainees to a varied diet of work and plethora of learning opportunities. It therefore just seemed like the ideal set of circumstances for anybody starting out in their legal career.

What was surprising, however, was that this environment was accompanied by an open and inclusive culture that was extremely welcoming. Ever since I first stepped into the firm, I was always pleasantly surprised by just how friendly and approachable everybody was – including senior lawyers. Not only could I therefore envisage myself feeling comfortable at the firm, but I saw CC's culture as the perfect setting to develop my knowledge in a trusting environment. 

How has your experience at Clifford Chance been so far?

So far, I have really enjoyed my time at the firm. I have only been in my first seat for a few weeks and yet I have already been given responsibility to email clients. What has really helped with this is just how much support we receive as trainees. Before attending the firm, I was well aware that Clifford Chance were well-known within the industry for their training. However, even then, I don't think I actually realised just how much training there would be. Within Finance X, we have received training introducing us to the different types of financing as well as the firms' broader resources and software almost every day which has been invaluable.

What do you wish you had known on your first day?

When I first started, I wish I had known that almost everyone else felt as though they were stepping into the unknown and that this was not unusual. It is easy to convince yourself that you would be expected to know everything immediately, however, this is far from the case.