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Collins' Experience as an IT Service Management Graduate

Book open Reading time: 3 mins

What made you consider this career path following your studies? 

Within my studies at university and my experiences during my placement year, I was briefly exposed to the wider capabilities that technology and data had to offer, even in a sector such as Chemical Engineering (my degree field). This exposure sparked my own personal interests around technology and my curiosity continued to grow. As I continued researching and speaking to friends working within this field, it provided me with further belief and direction on this career path.

What does your day-to-day role involve?

My day to day generally starts off with daily standups with the team. This provides the opportunity for us to come together and align on different things we may be working on and call out any challenges being faced to see how we can effectively come up with a solution. Alongside this, there are meetings with various stakeholders and collaborating teams more centred around project delivery, ongoing tasks and analysis.

What stood out about Experian and why did you apply?

The main things that stood out for me was the work culture. The focus placed on the growth of individuals provides an environment where I can build the skills needed to achieve all goals set for me. This has proven to be true in the time I’ve been with the company as the resources provided, the leadership and training have increased my confidence in my skillset as I continue to learn every day.

How do you feel the Early Careers Development Programme has helped with your learning journey so far?

The Early Careers Development Programme has greatly helped my learning journey so far with various sessions hosted by the team providing me with further insight and growth on both professional and personal aspects of myself. From a professional standpoint, sessions such as the offsite days at Holme Pierrepont Hall around leadership have increased my capacity and confidence in both project and team leading. I now lead workstreams and projects within my day-to-day work using skills I managed to bolster during those days. From a personal standpoint, the sessions around personality traits & behaviours helped me in recognising and learning more about myself and the way I generally handle things. This alongside the financial education sessions, covering things like mortgages and taxes, provide me with key focus points when looking at future planning.

What has been a key achievement/stand out moment so far?

I have had the opportunity to work as part of the Digital First Portal delivery team in which I led the workstream around the Service Catalogue that sits within the portal. Leading this piece of work so early on during my time at Experian was a big challenge however I am very proud of my involvement and delivery, setting the foundations for brand new processes and long-term capability that will continue being improved.

What's one thing you like about Experian that you didn't expect before you started?

One thing that I wasn’t as aware of prior to joining the company is the focus and push on maintaining a strong work-to-life balance. Line managers & senior leadership consistently emphasise the importance of taking breaks, not overworking, and making use of any additional companywide developmental time placed into our calendars. This has greatly boosted my productivity and general state of mind.