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Meet Nicolas - Analyst at Greenhill

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

In your view, how does Greenhill set itself apart from other banks and boutiques?

Since I joined Greenhill, I have been involved in an array of exciting projects spanning across multiple industries. What struck me the most is the degree of responsibility that analysts are given, we really are encouraged to fully engage in each assignment and get client exposure early on. In addition to being a very entrepreneurial bank, Greenhill is comprised of genuinely nice people fostering a unique and supportive culture, giving the opportunity to express one’s opinion and develop as a thinker rather than just a doer.

What were the biggest challenges of getting up to speed coming from a different bank?

Having completed an internship in another boutique in France prior to my role at Greenhill, the main challenges were adapting to new colleagues with different work styles (high diversity of profiles at Greenhill), organizing my workstreams to deliver on simultaneous projects, and quickly deepening my knowledge of new industries.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

While the day-to-day job is demanding, it is very rewarding. One task that seems insurmountable may become ridiculously easily few weeks later. As an analyst, you really are able to assess your progress month after month and the increasing responsibilities that come along with it. Putting a lot of efforts in a project or client’s relationship and seeing a successful outcome is the most rewarding part of this job. 

What skills would you say you use the most on an everyday basis?

In addition to problem solving/analytical skills, being a team player with an eagerness to learn and apply new concepts quickly is of paramount importance to be successful. The ability to stay flexible while knowing how and when to manage expectations is also fundamental to performance over the long-term.

From your current position, what advice would you give to students considering an internship at Greenhill?

I would recommend talking to as many bankers as you can to better your understanding of the industry, get used to the recruitment process and develop great habits before you even hit your desk. Greenhill organizes networking and case study events which are unique opportunities to meet the team and get a sense of what it’s like to work in investment banking.