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Herbert Smith Freehills: Top tips for a great application

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

The most important thing in an application is motivation - Make it clear why you want to work for Herbert Smith Freehills, and make sure everything in your application supports this. Applications that seem generic - as though they could be submitted to any firm - are a red flag. Learn about us, our values and our background in advance.

Remember it's a two-way process

Think about who you'll be meeting and what questions you could ask them. This is your chance to get to know us and make sure the firm is right for you. Asking partners about their experiences can give you a real insight into what might be in store for you here.

Remember to practice the online test

It's just one test, but it's designed to assess your verbal reasoning, so it's important that you do well. There are plenty of practice papers available on the internet for you to familiarise yourself.

Extra-curricular interests are of real interest to us

We want to know about what you've experienced and what you've learned from it. But remember to keep it relevant - rather than a long list of accomplishments, we're looking for what it is about your life experiences that makes you a good fit for Herbert Smith Freehills.

We're looking for individuals

We don't have a fixed idea about what a trainee should be 'like'. It's very important at Herbert Smith Freehills that people feel as though they can be themselves, so we try and bring that out in the application process. Remember to relax and be yourself.

And don't forget to look for typos!

Check and double check before you apply.


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