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Meet Shabiha Azam: Ethicon Wound Closure Specialist

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From the time she was young, Shabiha aspired toward a career in an industry where she could have a meaningful impact on people's lives. Today, the Ethicon Wound Closure Specialist embraces the guiding principles, morals and values at the heart of our Credo, educating students at local schools, colleges and universities on its lasting relevance.

What first attracted you to Johnson & Johnson?

From a young age I’ve wanted a career in an industry where I can make a meaningful impact, and on a global scale. Johnson & Johnson is a global leader in healthcare, and a brand that has been a part of my life since I was a baby – literally!

When I researched the company before my interview, I found so much information on their professional education and development, so I knew instantly this was somewhere I could make a real impact!

What has been your Johnson & Johnson career journey?

I started working at Johnson & Johnson in a part-time customer services role when I was still studying at university, but it wasn’t until I graduated that I realised I had freedom at my fingertips when it came to the direction I wanted my career to go in. This year I celebrate 15 years at Johnson & Johnson. I’ve now held roles in MedTech spanning all sorts of specialties such as Marketing, Supply Chain, Engineering, Medical Education and more. I’ve also have the privilege and honour of founding the first ethnicity Employee Resource group for JNJ UKI which has allowed me and others to #belong in this great organisation. The ability to connect and learn from colleagues all around the world makes my career at J&J that much more colourful, I’m always learning, and always being recognised and rewarded for performing at my best.

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