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How I did it: Samantha tells us about her Graduate Role at Schroders

We caught up with Samantha to discuss her graduate scheme with Schroders. We hear about the impact her work has on the wider business, the culture at Schroders and how supportive her team has been with getting started. Samantha also gives advice on how to perfect your approach to the application process.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m currently a graduate trainee at the data insights unit of Schroders. My background is in mathematics which I studied as an undergrad and then for my masters I did Mathematics of Cyber Security at the university of Bristol.

What stood out to you about Schroders?

I think at the time that I was applying, the Schroders data insights team was the only one I had heard of in the data insights industry. They were having a female insight day for women in tech and data science. I wasn’t aware of any other company that was taking these steps.

What is the culture like at the firm?

It’s friendly, open and collaborative. The great thing is almost everyone in the company is approachable, so you can go to them with any questions you have. This extends outside my group, as there are opportunities to do projects and tasks collaboratively with other teams, which is great for learning more about the wider business.

What’s your favourite aspect of your role at Schroders?

I think it’s definitely my team - everyone in it is very helpful and supportive. You get to work with incredibly influential people who help me to learn more about the role and professionally develop. 

What would be your top tip to members going through the application process?

I think you should focus on doing as much research as possible. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the industry the company operates in. Look at what the company does and what their culture is like, so you understand exactly the type of candidate they want. Even more specifically, look at how the role and division you are applying to plays in the wider company. Finally, look at the latest trends in the industry so you are equipped to answer the more specific questions in the application process.

Did Bright Network help you secure this role and, if so, how?

Yes, I’ve used Bright Network to keep informed about any employer careers fairs that are going on and other events like this. As well as this, just having a resource full of different employers and positions was really helpful when I was looking for graduate programmes to apply for.

How have Schroders helped you adapt to working from home?

I’m quite lucky as we are able to function quite seamlessly working from home. So, we are in a position where we can continue to do our work without much of an interruption, but Schroders has still been helpful with helping us adapt to the changes that do come up.

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