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A Day in the Life of a Graduate Search Consultant

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No day looks quite the same at Thurn Partners, but here is a glimpse into my typical day as an Associate Search Consultant on the Quant. Research team, focusing mainly on executive search for mid-senior to senior roles.


My day begins bright and early as I wake up between 5:30-6:30 AM. Being a morning person, I aim to arrive at the office between 7:45-8:00 AM, preferring to avoid the busy rush hour. After grabbing a quick breakfast to go, I head to our office located across from the Bloomberg building in the City of London. The office offers unlimited barista and automatic coffee options which I love to take advantage of.

By 8:15 AM, I settle at my desk and dive into my emails, flagging and noting any urgent ones that require immediate attention. I review my calendar, setting priorities for the day and blocking out time for administrative tasks, updates with candidates and clients, and internal catch-ups. With a focus on the long-term, I collaborate with my team lead and director to create weekly and daily plans, ensuring we are aligned and focused.

Starting at 9 AM, I engage in a series of calls, which provides an energizing start to my day. After each call, I promptly send follow-up emails and touch base with my line manager, recognizing the importance of staying on top of administrative work and maintaining effective communication.


For lunch, I have the option to grab a quick bite with the other consultants or bring my own meal. Our office has a lovely kitchen area and seating and we often eat lunch together on the terrace or communal area. I keep a mix of groceries and homemade food in the office, allowing me to quickly whip up a salad or bowl when I’m pressed for time. Conveniently, there are several options nearby, including Tesco, M&S, and Waitrose, as well as a variety of independent and chain restaurants where you can easily dine under an hour.


The afternoon brings another round of phone calls, with most candidates not actively seeking new opportunities. These calls provide interesting and diverse conversations, which require adaptability and preparation. We receive significant support early on in training and from our leads to ensure that we are well prepared.

Research plays a significant role in executive search, focusing on finding and mapping potential candidates. I use platforms like LinkedIn and academia to find candidates, often discovering high-quality prospects through Google Scholar and research journals. Additional mapping involves understanding key stakeholders and developments in the industry, ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of the competitive industries we hire for.

As the day goes on, I make sure all information is up to date on internal portals and schedule meetings for the next day. Before heading home, I have a quick catchup with my team lead or director, discussing important points and goals for the present and future.

Each day at Thurn Partners brings freshness and excitement, Some days may end a bit early but require evening calls, while others may involve staying late to ensure a smoother following day. Regardless, the job offers both predictability and the ability to customize. It's a role where my efforts directly impact outcomes, rewarding me for the work I put in.


Thurn Partners offers a supportive environment with a perfect balance of friendly competition and collaboration. It's a role where you get out what you put in, and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here. If you're interested in a dynamic career that combines research, collaboration, and long-term thinking, Thurn Partners may be the perfect fit.