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The Transition from University to Work

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Having studied Finance at the University of Bristol, I was used to working on my own schedule and having days full of variety. The responsibilities of university life – or lack thereof – make the idea of getting a job with real responsibilities and consequences somewhat scary. I have summarised how I have found the transition from University to Corporate Life.

First impressions

The most noticeable and positive change going from University to full-time work was the structure and routine. I have really enjoyed this change and believe that the new routine has benefited me in many ways.

Another change that I have found is that at Thurn I have a lot of freedom and trust to design my day to what works best for me. This new found freedom is exciting and makes me look forward to work every morning.


The work itself is very different from what I studied at University, which at first was an initial worry to me. In the first 2-3 weeks of joining Thurn Partners, myself and the other graduates are put through an internal academy programme which helped me in so many ways. This also helped ease an anxieties I had around knowing enough.  

Whilst at University I began to grow tired of all the solitary work. In the office, you're no longer working in isolation; you're part of a larger team with unique expertise and perspectives. Joining alongside plenty of other graduates is something I am very grateful for. It drastically eases the transition and creates a great environment. I have already met some great people and developed fast friendships which have made the transition from University seem a lot less alien.