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Culture and Social at Thurn Partners

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The culture

The culture at Thurn Partners is really commendable. This starts from the top of the organisation, with Luke and Alex leading, they have created a great dynamic in the office which is centred around collaboration, teamwork, and giving a general hand to whoever needs it. Because of this, I always feel like I can approach anyone in the company, no matter their seniority, and have a discussion about work-related matters and even more general chit-chat.

The relatively small size of the company, even after the expansion with the new grads, creates a really close-knit and family-like feeling within the office. What is more, the seating arrangements within the office see the most senior members of the company sitting side by side with new joiners. This epitomises the willingness of Thurn Partners to ensure that everyone feels equal and that we can all contribute to the success of the company. 

Since joining Thurn Partners, I have seen myself and the other new grads grow considerably, even after a few months, this is a testament to the team managers that we have here, as the grads have been split into smaller teams that focus on specific remits of the investment industry, the team managers have been there to direct the small teams and ensure that we all understand what we have to be doing.

The strong relationship that the grads have with their team managers has been really nice to see, demonstrating that the approach that the managers have taken to nurturing and teaching us as grads have been effective. Another important element regarding this is the weekly and monthly catch-ups that we have with our team managers which is a time to reflect on how everything is going, voice any concerns, as well as any feedback. 

The social

The social aspect at Thurn Partners is not just limited to the professional sphere; it extends to fostering a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment among the team members. The company recognises the importance of work-life balance and building strong relationships outside the confines of the office.

Throughout the year, Thurn Partners organizes various social events and activities that encourage employees to have fun together. There are ample opportunities for everyone to bond in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. These activities not only strengthen the connections among colleagues but also create lasting memories and a sense of belonging to a larger Thurn Partners family.

This commitment to social well-being reflects the company's holistic approach to its employees' happiness and fulfilment, making it a place where work is not just about tasks and deadlines but also about creating lasting relationships and cherishing moments together.