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Top Tips To Ace Our Application Process

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Putting your best foot forward.

1. Prepare and apply

  • We don’t require a cover letter so it’s really important your CV reflects who you are.
  • We’re keen to hear about your hobbies, interests, academic achievements, work experience and what you've learnt from them.

2. Online assessments & video interview

  • Before completing our cultural appraiser test, be sure to look at our three keys. Think about our culture, pillars, and principles.
  • Check out AON’s website for practice online assessments. Work on your speed and accuracy.
  • Our tests are timed, so it’s best to find a quiet place where you’re undisturbed and can focus.
  • Treat the video interview like an in-person interview. Dress smartly, maintain good eye contact and be concise.

3. Final assessment day

  • Research UBS and the business area you’re applying to, don’t just read high-level facts and figures.
  • Ask questions at the end of your interview. Don’t rely on assessors to ask follow up questions.
  • When giving examples be sure to talk about the outcome and acknowledge if there’s anything you would’ve done differently.

Check out our get recruitment ready page to find out more about each stage of our application process. You can also download our get recruitment ready guide to help you prepare.