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About Adaptix

Adaptix is transforming planar X-ray – the diagnostic imaging modality most widely used in healthcare worldwide. We are producing a Flat Panel X-ray Source (‘FPS’), a ‘Distributed Array Monoblock’ that generates X-ray from a multitude of emitters in a two-dimensional form factor. The best analogy is of the journey in televisions from old-fashioned vacuum tubes to Flat Panel displays.

The reason this is important is that it completes the ‘digitization’ of X-ray systems. Partnering a Flat Panel Source with existing dynamic Flat Panel Detectors, in conjunction with low-cost computing power and sophisticated algorithms, allows truly-portable low-cost low-dose tomosynthesis - in essence, 3D imaging at the bedside.

Current X-ray equipment gives a choice between fixed high-cost 3D systems or lower-cost (but still expensive) 2D that can be moveable (typically at >200kg). Our FPS allows a transformation, where systems move from a single high-flux tube to multiple low-flux distribute emitters, to allow more information (including 3D) from less dose. Adaptix will allow System Integrators to offer truly portable 3D systems at a price point that meets that of existing 2D systems.

Multi-award winning Adaptix is fortunate to be supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering, through its "SME Leaders"​ programme; by the Europan Space Agency, through its Business Incubation Centre at Harwell; by the Duke of York, through "Pitch@Palace"​; and, by the London Stock Exchange, through the "Elite"​ business support and capital raising programme.

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