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We’re Capital One

You might think of Capital One as a credit card provider. But in many ways, we're more of a technology company than a finance company.

That's to say, we look at credit the way tech companies look at everything – thinking of better, smarter and easier ways to do things that will really change the way people live. 

And one of the happy consequences of making finance simpler and more human for our customers is that Capital One is also a more inspiring place to launch your career.

We make work life informal, flexible and simple, so our people can get creative. (Our £32-40,000 starting salaries and other perks are probably factors too.) We’ll train you while you work – you’ll have a buddy, a programme mentor, and you’ll even get to meet the CEO. Our Learning and Development programme means you will always be moving forward with the help of a supportive network of knowledgeable and experienced managers.

We’re looking for graduates. As one of our graduates, you’ll be empowered to get straight into the action. So you’ll be training and working at the same time on one of our programmes. 

We’re looking for interns too. If you’re in your penultimate year at uni, an internship could help you jump the queue onto one of our graduate programmes. This is your opportunity to embark on a 10-week masterclass. You’ll be working on impactful projects that will enable you to make a genuine difference to our customers. 

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