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Meet Jacob, Strategy Analyst

"Whether you come straight from university or bring some industry experience like me, at Capital One the learning never stops."

Meet Jacob...

Who joined us as a Strategy Analyst. Jacob explains what tempted him away from his previous industry role, and what he finds most exciting about his new role here.

It was the company itself and the type of work that appealed to me, initially. Then the people I met during the hiring process gave me a sense of the culture and that sealed the deal.

My work focuses on our high street acquisition strategy, and there are lots of different elements to it – data analysis, strategic thinking, stakeholder management. But ultimately, it's about using data to decide who we should lend to, and what initial credit line we should offer.

The challenge is what I find most exciting about working with Capital One. From early on, I was given a huge amount of responsibility and the chance to own analytically interesting projects that have a strong and positive impact – on both our customers and the business.

The training opportunities are tremendous too. We have a dedicated learning and development platform that includes everything from technical courses, in areas like coding to more credit-focused modules, like predictive modelling. Right now, I'm completing a course in people leadership."