Meet Jaeho, Strategy Analyst Graduate Programme & Former Intern

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"There's such a strong, collaborative atmosphere here. And being surrounded by such talented people inspires you to be your best."

Meet Jaeho...

Who joined us on our Strategy Analyst Graduate Programme. Jaeho tells us a little about his background, gives us an overview of his role and explains why it's so important to the business.

"I enjoyed maths and physics at school, and at university combined the two to study mechanical engineering. But it wasn't until I did a summer Internship with Capital One that I realised where my interests truly lie – data and the power it has to inform important strategic decisions. On the back of that discovery, I decided to join the Strategy Analyst Graduate Programme.

Most days, I'll be working on my own project, which is all about changing how we lend to customers. This might involve looking at past data to understand what has been happening with customers' accounts, or how we could use that data to predict how other new customers might behave.

It's important work, because without it, we might be lending in a way that leads to a financial loss for the business, or worse still, customers signing up for credit they simply can't afford. Every decision we make can have far-reaching implications, so we'll always consider it from an ethical as well as a commercial point of view.

But it's not just the way we work that makes us different. Capital One is great at hosting events that bring colleagues together on a social level too. This year's Onefest – our big summer party – was a particular highlight. An evening of fun with the people I work with day to day, but also a chance to meet colleagues from across the wider business."