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HR Wallingford

About HR Wallingford

Our specialist research and consultancy know-how solves the world’s most complex water-related challenges.

Exceptional people make us who we are. Our ability to innovate and push the boundaries of conventional thinking is renowned across the globe. When it comes to water, we’re in our element.

Ingenious solutions add value to our clients, create resilience, protect vulnerable communities and improve lives. We collaborate, build knowledge and innovate wherever water interacts with people, infrastructure and the environment.

A not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest our profits into strategic research. This allows us to tackle pressing problems; create next-generation tools and technology; and create state-of-the-art facilities. We lead the way in all that we do. Our research underpins our smart solutions –  meaning our clients benefit from our fresh thinking before anyone else.

We value our independence. We don’t have shareholders. It means we give clear, evidence-based advice that our clients use to make intelligent decisions. Decisions that are genuinely right for them, their stakeholders and the communities they work in.

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