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Technology & IT Infrastructure
About Jisc

We are the UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions.

We are:

  • Dedicated entirely to the sectors’ individual and collective needs
  • Not a vendor: we deal with and/or work with vendors and publishers on the collective behalf
  • Not for profit: every pound is used for the sectors’ benefit
  • Objective, but not unbiased: we put the sectors’ interests above all else

We are of the sectors, by the sectors, for the sectors.

What does Jisc do?

We champion the importance and potential of digital technologies for UK education and research; and do three main things:

  1. We operate shared digital infrastructure and services
  2. We negotiate sector-wide deals with IT vendors and commercial publishers
  3. We provide trusted advice and practical assistance for universities, colleges and learning providers

Our research and development work is integrated across these three areas.

Working closely with colleagues and sector bodies our aim is to:

  • Deliver considerable collective digital advantage, financial savings and efficiencies for UK universities, colleges and learning providers today
  • Ensure these benefits are sustained and intelligently further enhanced
  • Do all this as affordably, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible

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