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About NATS

We are the UK's leading provider of air traffic control services. In a typical year pre-Covid, we handle over 2.5 million flights and 250 million passengers traveling over the UK and across the North Atlantic. If you’ve been a passenger on a commercial aircraft flying in UK airspace then it's highly likely that we have handled your flight.

Outside of the UK, we offer air traffic services to customers including airports, airlines, air traffic service providers, and governments. We currently provide these across parts of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We exist to make the skies an even safer and more efficient environment for aviation.

With this in mind, two things drive everything we do. The first is safety, a duty of care for the skies. It's what we've always done and what we'll always do.  The second is a constant striving for improvement to ensure aviation best meets the needs of a changing world.

At NATS our purpose is core to our being, and we define it as; Advancing aviation, keeping the skies safe.

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