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About Qubit

When our founders were at Google, they got first-hand experience of the kind of culture that breeds success in technology companies: lightning talks, stand-up meetings, spontaneous brainstorms, idea sharing, Sonos, ski trips, and of course, plenty of team nights out. Take these elements and combine them with the bustling energy of a young Soho-based business, and you get one hot place to work. Day to day, you’ll be wrapping your brain around some serious challenges and intellectually jousting with some of the technology sector’s smartest thinkers. Among our ranks we have an impressive collection of qualifications, and our combined CVs feature the names of the world’s most innovative companies.

Qubit often have live graduate roles and other opportunities for students. Click on the visit website button below to find out more and start your application. Don't forgot to cite you came from Bright Network if you apply.