About Richemont

Richemont owns 26 of the world's leading luxury goods Maisons & Businesses, with particular strengths in four business areas: Specialist Watchmakers, Jewellery Maisons, Online Distributors and Fashion & Accessories/Other Businesses. Each Maison represents a proud tradition of style, quality and craftsmanship and Richemont seeks to preserve the heritage and identity of each of its Maisons. At the same time, we are committed to innovation and designing new products which are in keeping with our Maisons’ values, through a process of continuous creativity.

Richemont’s local and global support services enable our 26 Maisons & Businesses to enter new markets more easily and, aided by in-house tools, support teams and development initiatives, to grow more efficiently. With some 5 100 employees directly employed by our subsidiaries, these services make a regular and significant contribution to the Group’s sales growth and operating margins. In all regions, employees are engaged in retail, distribution, after sales service and administrative functions. Richemont’s headquarters are in Geneva and our regional offices are based:

  • in Geneva for Europe and Latin America;
  • in Hong Kong for Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan;
  • in Tokyo for Japan;
  • in New York for North America
  • in Dubai for Middle East, India & Africa

Richemont directly employed in total some

  • 35 000 people at the end of September 2020.
  • 60% of this headcount is based in Europe, 30% in Asia (incl. Japan) and 10% in the Americas.  The majority of our employees in Europe work in Switzerland, France and Germany, where the manufacture of high quality goods is concentrated.

Each Maison & Business has its

  • own headquarters in Switzerland or elsewhere in Western Europe, with one exception: Peter Millar, which is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina;
  • own Chief Executive Officer and management group responsible for activities directly related to the products;
  • own creative processes and beautiful lines of luxury goods; and
  • own compelling history, sometimes dating back many hundreds of years!

Richemont has at the end of September 2020 a total of 2’186 monobrand boutiques of which 1’179 are internal and has staffed operations in 36 countries and delivering in more than 150 countries.

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