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About Unlocked

Unlocked Graduates is a two-year programme that is putting brilliant graduates and career changers at the heart of prison reform. At the moment, nearly half of all prisoners re-offend within a year of release, creating yet more victims, causing untold damage, and costing the UK more than £18bn. Our solution is a unique leadership programme where participants work as frontline prison officers while completing a fully-funded master’s degree in leadership. They support prisoners to turn their lives around, lead system change and develop the skills to excel no matter where they go in the future.

But we’re not just looking for people who can excel at the job. We want people who can help shape the whole system for the better. That’s why as the part of the programme, our Unlocked Graduates do a fully-funded, bespoke master’s degree focusing on leadership and rehabilitation. Combining academic study with real-world experience will give you the tools to trial and assess your own solutions in your prison. In your second year, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to a policy paper and present your findings to the Ministry of Justice.

When you’re working as a prison officer, no day is ever the same. Helping some of the most vulnerable and challenging people in society means always being prepared for new situations, and always ready to be an advocate, negotiator, diplomat and leader – all at the same time. You’ll develop your skills in leadership, communication, relationship-building, decision-making and resilience, and change lives while you do.

Following the two-year programme, you’re free to decide whether to stay or leave the prison system. Either way, we’ll continue to support your development as part of a growing network of change-making alumni putting their new skills into action. Being a prison officer is about so much more than locking up – and with Unlocked Graduates, it can really open doors.

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