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Application & Interview Workshop, DMU University

By Bright Network
13 Nov 2019, noon
BN Members

Author and application expert.Jake Schogger secured six internships at top magic, silver and US City law firms, before training at Freshfields. This is hisguide to effectively answering firm motivation questions, articulating your competencies and experience, and building your commercial awareness.

During his hour presentation, he will cover: 

  • General application advice and how to avoid common mistakes;
  • Answering career/firm motivation questions;
  • Researching firms;
  • Effectively articulating competencies/experience, including drawing competencies and capabilities from a wide range of previous experiences;
  • Understanding what is meant by commercial awareness and how to prepare for commercial interview questions; and
  • General tips and insights relating to internships and graduate programmes.

By the end of the workshop you will have: 

  • Understood how to better focus your research and avoid "generic" answers;
  • Gained an insight into how you can effectively draw competencies and strengths from a broader range of experiences;
  • Learned how to avoid the most commonly made mistakes;
  • Received guidance on how to effectively prepare for interviews; 
  • Improved your understanding of what "commercial awareness" actually means, how it comes up in interviews and how you can improve yours.

Room : DMU, Gateway House, 3.54