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Bright Network Society Partner Series: Networking for your future

By Bright Network
28 Sep 2020, 6 p.m.
Members of our Society Partners

Networking can be a daunting and confusing prospect, especially when you’re first starting to think about building your connections. This session will provide you with key advice and practical top-tips for learning how to network like a pro - confidently and effectively - arming you with the tools to build strong connections giving you a competitive edge as you embark on your career journey. This session is aimed towards students looking to build their confidence and learn how they can utilise their existing and future connections.


  • Why is networking so important?
  • Practical tips for networking both online and offline
  • How to network at work

This will be a virtual, interactive session with plenty of time for questions, so come prepared!

With this year’s applications season set to be more competitive than ever before, why not give yourself the best chance to get ahead and stand out and joining this webinar will allow you to do just that. Register now to reserve your spot!