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We are delighted to host this unique webinar in collaboration with KCL EFS. In an increasingly digital job recruitment process, it’s essential to know the tools you need to navigate this new landscape and achieve success. This session will provide you with an in-depth guide on how to make sure you can stand-out and ace your video interview. If you’re looking to make a great lasting impact on potential employers, then this is the event for you.

KCL EFS is the largest and most distinguished society dedicated to Economics and Finance at Kings’ College London. Their mission is to broaden the career prospects and educational experiences for all students at King’s with a passion for economics and finance.


  • Introduction to video interviews
  • What employers look for in candidates
  • How to research and prepare for your interview
  • The different types of interviews
  • Breaking down the questions you’ll likely be asked, and ideal answers
  • What you should ask

This will be a virtual, interactive session with plenty of time for questions, so come prepared!

This applications season is going to be fiercely competitive, so make sure you have the best chance at success and gain the skills you need to ace your video interview. Register today to reserve your place!

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