The Charityworks Graduate Programme 2021

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The Charityworks year will look different for every trainee. While the core elements of the programme will be the same for everyone, we aim to give you a lot of autonomy to direct your own learning, and as such your experience will be dictated by the way you use the various opportunities on offer to you.

Your Placement

Charityworks Trainees are placed into partner host organisations to perform real jobs, ranging from delivering front line services through to working on research and strategy. You will be placed into an organisation and role according to your skills, motivations, and the employer’s requirements. Each trainee is matched to an external mentor to help them make the most of the year and with support, are expected to deliver a brilliant job for the organisation, and the people who rely on that organisation. 

The Programme

Alongside your placement, you will take part in a leadership programme made up of self-directed learning and group work. This programme aims to give you an overview of some of the key issues affecting society and the non-profit sector. The programme is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management and is intended to help you perform in your role, while also helping you develop skills, knowledge and networks you find useful through your life and career.


Each trainee completes independent research & enquiry project as part of the programme. Research provides trainees with an opportunity to spend some time researching and thinking about topics that affect them, their organisations, and the non-profit sector as a whole. This research helps to build your profile, and will have a tangible impact on the organisation in which you’re working, or the non-profit sector as a whole.


Each Charityworks trainee is matched with a mentor, with whom they will meet up to 6 times through the year for confidential 1-2-1s. Mentors come from all over the social sector and beyond. Many of them will be emerging or senior leaders, or they might be professional coaches who are giving their time pro bono.

DEADLINE 21st March 2022