Key Insights from Evercore: Culture

Ever wondered what a career would be like at one of the world's fastest growing investment banking advisory firms? We caught up with those who secured roles at Evercore to provide us with an insight into its culture. 

Aman Babbarwal 

“What has really stood out about Evercore is the open culture that the firm has been able to maintain whilst growing to become one of the premier advisory firms globally. At any given time, we are working on some of the most important and complex transactions on behalf of our clients and are encouraged to seek guidance from our colleagues across the world. Opportunities are not constrained geographically, meaning that as an Analyst you have the chance to directly observe and learn from the key decision-makers in your respective advisory groups.”

Sophie Whitehall

“Evercore is definitely different from other banks. Where I worked before, I’d be putting together analysis and presentations, passing it along to management and never hearing about it again. At Evercore, if you’re involved in putting a pitch together, you get to go along to that pitch - you’re always given credit for your work. There’s also an energy here. It’s really entrepreneurial. If you want to do something, you’re not constrained by years of tradition or process; there’s a huge onus on being innovative and always pushing the firm forward. Everyone’s motivated because you can see the value you’re adding and the results of your hard work. The firm’s growing and we’re all part of that momentum. It’s exciting.”

Eleni Kontosi 

“What I love about my role is that I’m learning about the whole market - you have to follow what’s going in the world so that you always have a view. It’s fast-paced and it’s exciting to see how companies work internally, how they make their decisions. Senior members of the firm are also really keen to help you learn how business is done and involve you as soon as you start as an Analyst. From the beginning of the graduate programme, I was already going to meetings with my directors and being encouraged to have an opinion. M&A is full of background intelligence and while it’s centred around finance and numbers, it’s also crucially a people’s business. You have to be creative and be curious about how businesses work, but you also need to be willing to share your voice.”

Jack Llewellyn Lloyd 

“One of the things I personally really like about Evercore is its exciting growth trajectory over the last few years. When I first started, there were probably 100 bankers and we’ve got over 200 now - it’s doubled, if not more. It’s also already got scale. The firm covers the vast majority of the sub-sectors you’d expect a complete M&A house, but with the personality of a boutique. It’s nice to be in a business that’s growing. There are a lot of companies in our sector that are on the defensive, rather than the offensive in terms of expanding. It’s somewhere where there are opportunities opening up rather than doors shutting down.”

Nadine Raida 


“I started my time at Evercore as a summer intern and am now on my second rotation of the graduate scheme. What amazed me when I started was the level of responsibility, even as an intern. I was taken to client meetings and became part of deal teams from very early on in my role as an Analyst. People also respect the direction you want to take your career, in terms of what you want to learn and prioritise: What type of skills do you want to learn? How do you want to shape your career progress? What tasks are you prioritising? People listen here, and I know that I’m important to them. I really feel like I have a voice.”

Omar Salih 

“A personal highlight for me happened within my first year of being an Analyst. I was lucky enough to work on a sell-side project based in Pakistan and spent three weeks working out there - two of which I was the only Evercore representative. It was pretty amazing to be in a room with a CFO and CEO in a foreign country within six months of starting a job. It’s because, at Evercore, people trust you. Senior members of the firm give you as much responsibility as you can handle, always thinking the best of people and putting faith in their abilities. At some firms, you’d have to prove yourself first, before being given a chance. Here, you prove yourself by taking chances and showing what you can do with them."

Evercore strive to recruit bright, mature, motivated individuals who have the drive and flexibility necessary to succeed in a challenging and stimulating environment. If this sounds like you, click here to discover more.