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IEUK 2023 - support

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Internship Experience UK (IEUK) is a virtual event, taking place on the online platform Hopin. Below is some advice for how to make use of the platform's features that make the event more accessible and inclusive.


Hopin has subtitles capabilities for anyone who's hard of hearing, or just prefers having them on. When you're watching a session, simply click the "CC" button on the toolbar to add closed captioning (see screenshot below). Please note that the captions are live, so they may not be 100% accurate at all times.

Audio descriptions

To support attendees with visual impairments, all speakers will be encouraged to include a quick audio decription of themselves when introducing themselves for the first time.


If you require any help on the day (this can range from technical difficulties to further guidance), we will have a virtual helpdesk open all afternoon. You will be abel to talk to a mental health first aider via the helpdesk if required. To access, head to "Sessions" on the left hand side of the Hopin page (see screenshot below). You can go here at any point during the event for support from someone from the Bright Network team. We have mental health first aiders in the team, as well as experts on the Hopin platform.



If you feel comfortable, we welcome all attendees to add their name, preferred pronouns, university and even a photo to their Hopin profile. By adding pronouns, it creates a more inclusive space. Adding your university and a photo can make it easier to connect with the employers and other attendees. 

To update your profile, just click on your initials or profile picture in the top right hand corner of the Hopin page. Click "Edit profile", add any information you'd like the employer representatives and other attendees to see, then click save! Screenshot below to help.



If you have any questions about IEUK 2023, take a look at our FAQs and support hub.

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