Graduate insight into securing an Audit Summer internship with PwC

Created on 25 Apr 2018

A huge congratulations to Nicole on securing an internship with PwC. Here she sheds some light on her experiences and offers some great advice to future applicants. 

Why did you choose this firm and this role?

I chose PwC because of its reputation as one of the UK’s best Professional Services firms. Not only does it strive to focus on the needs of the clients, but it also works on an international basis which is incredibly important to me. The summer internship seemed to be the best way to get a feel for the company, gain some experience in the field and hopefully confirm that Audit is the right path for me.

What was the toughest part of the application process? And your favourite part?

The toughest part of the process was, without question, the Assessment Centre. It was the second one I had undertaken at the firm so I was already aware of how things worked, but I had failed the first time around which made me question whether the role was right for me. Upon reflection, having an extra year’s experience made a huge difference to my confidence and I think this was clear to the assessors. My favourite aspect was the psychometric tests. Many people find these incredibly challenging but I had been practicing the Mathematics and Logic tests online for a while beforehand, so by the time I was sent the email giving me 5 days to complete the tests, it was almost like second nature to me.

Were you surprised by anything in the process?

I was surprised by how informal the Partner interview seemed to be. Having a Partner Interview can be a terrifying concept because it’s one-on-one with someone who has already developed a large range of skills and knowledge whilst you’re just starting out. However, the Partner made it feel more like an ordinary conversation by asking questions on things I knew plenty about, such as my degree or my extra-curricula activities.

What three top tips would you give your fellow Bright Network members?

1. For telephone and online interviews, always have a list of your achievements, work experience and extra-curricula activites to tick off whilst you’re talking.

2. Practice! If you’re able to, practice all the psychometric tests before you do them, so that you understand the time restrictions.

3. Have a bit of confidence. Try find a good balance between cockiness and shy for all interviews and assessment centres - if you’ve got through to this stage, you’ve already done something right!

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