Securing a graduate role with PwC - Top tips from Rachel

Created on 2 Jan 2020

Rachel studied Chemistry at the University of Reading and we caught up with her to discover what drew her to Audit at PwC and hear her top tips for other Bright Network members. Check out other opportunities at PwC just here

Why did you choose to apply to PwC?

PwC have a very positive and welcoming work environment. The employees I met all highlighted the support provided professionally and personally within the company, and the great social aspect that comes with it. I also wanted to move to a company that offers professional qualifications (ACA) and unrivaled career prospects. 

How did you find the application process? Were there any stages you found particularly enjoyable or challenging?

I found my application process very straightforward and almost enjoyable! It started with a game based assessment, followed by a video interview and an assessment day. During the process I had lots of opportunity to talk about my range of experiences, academically and extra-curricular. The games based assessment was particularly fun and addictive, and the assessment day was shared with people joining different schemes at different entry-levels, so you do not feel like you are in competition with anyone.

What was the toughest interview question you faced?

The video interview focuses on case studies, in which you have to read a series of text and answer a range of questions. These were very time limited and require you to absorb information quickly to construct your answer. I found this the most difficult part of the application process.

How did Bright Network help you secure this role?

As I studied a science degree, I had little knowledge of the financial sector. The Bright Network's commercial awareness updates were a great tool for me. I could tailor my updates to the industries I wanted to learn about, and found the information concise yet interesting. My tailored job search also advertised companies I had never heard of, or roles I thought I couldn't apply for due to the nature of my degree. Applying for jobs can be a long process, so using The Bright Network can help you filter and refine your search.

What three tips would you give to BN members looking to follow in your footsteps?

  • Don't be scared to apply to something you think you might not be 'qualified' for.

  • Make connections! Every time you meet someone new, find them on LinkedIn.

  • At assessment centres, be sure to smile and make conversation with other applicants. Be seen as approachable and confident, and other people will be quick to involve you in group discussions.

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