Yahya’s insights into securing a developer role with Alpha FMC

Created on 16 Sep 2022

We recently caught up with Yahya about securing a developer role with Alpha, top tips for the application process and how Bright Network helped in securing the role.

What stood out to you about Alpha FMC?

One of the things that set Alpha apart from other corporate consultancy firms was their focus on meritocracy. They promote based on performance not time constraints. If you want to stay in one role, you can, but equally if you want to move up quickly, you can work hard to achieve that progression quickly. I like that flexibility. 

How did you make your application stand out?

I think because I just heard of the company through a friend, I was applying quite casually so was really myself during the application. For example, when asked about my interest in asset management or finance, I spoke about investments I’d made in the stock markets when I was younger. It is important to display a way in which you personally have done something related to the company in some way. 

What part of the application process did you find the most challenging?

I suppose the assessment centre was very challenging because it is so much condensed into such a short period of time. This was a half day assessment centre where we had a case study and then had to work on a task and do a presentation. We then got feedback on the presentation and had to work on it again and then after that you do a final presentation in a role play style. This leads straight on into a one-on-one interview and after that straight into another group task. All of that in a short time was intense and quite challenging.

Did you get any feedback in the past that helped you with your application?

Taking your time when being asked a question. It is easy to get stressed in an interview and rush into an answer so stop for a second and consider your answer. Also doing lots of research before your interview, finding out details such as who is interviewing you and what their roles are shows them that you’ve put in the work. 

What top tip would you give Bright Network members looking to follow in your footsteps?

Find out as much as you can about the company and who is interviewing you, use LinkedIn to find out about them and use that in the interview.

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