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Alpha Financial Markets Consulting

Alpha Financial Markets Consulting (Alpha FMC) is the leading global consultancy to the asset and wealth management industry. We are a boutique management consulting firm that has worked with 21 of the world’s 25 largest global investment management firms.

At Alpha, we pride ourselves on working hard, delivering client projects of the highest quality, and collaboratively achieving our objectives. Our people are at the heart of everything Alpha accomplishes, which is why we value a healthy work-life balance. Among several benefits our vibrant firm offers, our focus on providing a fun and social environment to employees lies at the core of our team bonding. This includes company paid summer trips, seasonal parties, Mentor / Mentee events and peer-group activities. Furthermore, our culture strongly reflects fundamental values of Diversity & Inclusion.

We are constantly seeking the highest calibre of candidates who are bright, hard-working, and eager to make a difference in a sociable and fast paced consultancy. Our Analyst Programme at Alpha FMC offers very competitive benefits and an excellent platform to rapidly develop your professional career.

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