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Top firms in the Infrastructure sector

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The larger infrastructure firms offer great career opportunities in all kinds of areas, from mechanical engineering to finance. Here are 4 companies we think you should check out and see what they have to offer you.

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BT Group


One of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, BT provides landlines, broadband, mobiles, and other services to UK consumers. They also sell services to telecom providers around the world.  


BT has its head offices in London and other offices around the UK. Its global operations span 6 continents.

What can BT Group offer you?

BT offers summer internships in areas like software engineering, security, and research and innovation. It also offers a wide range of graduate programmes, with options for people of every degree discipline. Starting salaries range from £27,750 to £31,500.

BT also has a range of overseas graduate programmes, designed for people who have the right to work in the destination country. There are several options in Europe, as well as AMEA and the Americas.

BT has a good focus on work life balance and actively encourages flexible working. It also focuses on personal development, encouraging all employees to pursue professional qualifications.

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Transport for London 


TfL is the not-for-profit government body that provides London’s public transport network – everything from the Underground and buses, to the cycle networks and riverboat services.


TfL operates in all 32 London boroughs. Its head office is in Westminster.

What can Transport for London offer you?

Transport for London’s graduate programmes range from the technical, such as quantity surveying and software development, to the more general, such as marketing and project management. There’s something to suit any degree discipline. Some roles may involve unusual hours and weekend shifts.

The graduate schemes demonstrate the generous benefits you get working for the government – for example, you get a final salary pension scheme, 30 days holiday plus public holidays, and completely free Oyster card travel for you and someone else at your address.

TfL also offers a wide range of student placements.

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Balfour Beatty


The UK’s largest construction contractor, Balfour Beatty also offers support services and infrastructure investments. The company was involved in building the Channel Tunnel, the Dubai Mall, and the London Aquatics Centre for the 2012 Olympics.


Balfour Beatty has its headquarters in London and operates across the UK. Internationally, it operates mainly in the US, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and South East Asia.

What can Balfour Beatty offer you?

Balfour Beatty offers a range of graduate schemes falling into two groups – technical and business. The schemes operate UK-wide and last for 2-3 years. For all programmes you’ll need one of a small set of related degree types. Most programmes lead to professional qualifications.

As a big name in construction, experience at Balfour Beatty is very valuable to your continuing career – though most graduates choose to continue there after the end of their programme. It offers you opportunities to travel, and a good level of career and personal development.

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EDF Energy


EDF Energy is an energy company that generates electricity and supplies electricity and gas in the UK. It’s the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity, with 2 windfarms and 8 nuclear power plants as well as its fossil fuel energy generation.


EDF’s main office locations are London, Exeter, Crawley and Barnwood.

What can EDF Energy offer you?

EDF Energy offers graduate programmes in two areas: Commercial, and Science & Engineering. For the scientists and engineers, it’s a chance to become an expert in nuclear power. You’ll spend time working in a power station and learn from nuclear scientists. The business side of things includes areas like finance, HR and supply chain, and includes several different placements.

EDF Energy also offers 12-week summer internships. Again, these are divided into the science side and the business side.

With a focus on low carbon energy and sustainability, EDF Energy may be in line with your own values, especially if you have a positive view of nuclear power. It was a finalist in the BITC Responsible Business of the Year Awards 2016.

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