Find out how to be Comercially Aware at EY

One of the most important buzz words in today’s professional interview and application world is ‘commerciality’. However what exactly does it mean? An ability to demonstrate good commercial awarness is now part of the essential trio of skills for any undergraduate or graduate, alongside leadership and teamwork. 

Watch this video from EY to find out how best to hone your commerciality.

Understanding what happens in the world around you is essential, but having an understanding of what impact this will have on business is crucial for a role in the professional services industry and it’s imperative to land you a job at EY. It is vital that in an interview situation, you are able develop your arguments and voice your thoughts in a sound manner. Your opinion matters.

An ability to stay up to date with news, current affairs and also remain aware of the local or global interaction and constant communication channels is fundamental. Core parts of the professional business world may be affected by a hurricane on the other side of the world; by the dissolution of a company in a different continent or by a change in government policy. Ultimately everything is somehow connected. 

Commercial awareness is not something you can learn overnight but it’s a skill you need to work on, practise and continue to develop and build.

In this video EY suggest how reading the FT can be a super starting point...



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