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Get to know a Summer Intern: Matthew, Built Environment

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Hi! I’m Matthew, a Civil Engineering student from the University of Bath. I have just completed a summer internship at Frazer-Nash Consultancy, within the Built Environment team, based at the Glasgow Office.

What attracted you to working for Frazer Nash?

I have always been keen to work at a consultancy, like Frazer-Nash, to ensure that my work on a day-to-day basis is varied and interesting. The Built Environment team provide work across a variety of sectors, I thought this would be the perfect fit for me to enable me to broaden my skillset and knowledge in a short period of time. Even though this was a challenge, it has led to a rapid increase in both my personal and professional development.

What is the culture like at the company?

There is an atmosphere around the offices thatpeople are truly passionate about their work, and it is a privilege to be working for Frazer-Nash. This passion extends to generosity, everyone is willing to help and there is so much knowledge around the company that it is inevitable someone will be able to assist you. From day one, I felt like my opinions and ideas were listened to and valued and I was trusted to contribute to company work very quickly.

Describe a typical day in your role

I have loved the amount of trust that has been placed in me as an internship student. I have been given the responsibility to complete a whole range of tasks, with my day-to-day activities typically involving research, calculations, producing CAD models and writing technical reports and proposals. As well as my everyday activities, I have also been provided with unique opportunities, such as the physical testing of earthquake loading using a shaker table! - this was very interesting, but perhaps atypical when compared to usual work at the company.

What do you wish you’d known on your first day?

You will be trusted to contribute to client projects right from day one. Don’t be afraid of this, they’re not expecting perfection and they are expecting you to ask questions, people will always be willing to help. The atmosphere of “give it a go and we will support you as you come across challenges” is promoted across the company, and it is successful at ensuring rapid professional development, as there is nothing like industry experience.

Do you have any tips for Bright Network members aspiring to join Frazer Nash?

At interview, you’ll need to be prepared to answer both technical and competency questions. When preparing for the competency questions, it is beneficial to think about the competencies that you’ll need when working at a consultancy like Frazer-Nash and relevant examples of when you have demonstrated them.

For the technical questions, the hiring team are looking to see how you approach the problem, rather than solely the answer. It is worth talking through your thought processes to demonstrate how you are approaching the problem and if there is a term/concept you are unfamiliar with, tell them! Knowledge is far easier to teach than a mindset.