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Interview: Declan Barnes, Software Developer

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

I’ve been at Insight for just over two years now. I initially joined on the graduate scheme in Technology in 2020 after finishing my degree in Computer Science. During my time on the graduate scheme I worked across several technology product teams which develop software for front office users and moved into my permanent team this September at the end of the grad scheme.

Why Insight Investment?

I chose Insight because I wanted to work at a company which has challenging problems to solve and uses technology to do so. Being at a finance company (as opposed to a technology company) gives a lot of opportunities to learn about how the business operates.

What opportunities outside of your role have Insight Investment enabled you to be a part of?

Insight offers a lot of opportunities for external training, not just as part of the graduate scheme but also on an ongoing basis for all employees who are interested. Being able to complete the IMC (Investment Management Certificate) was great and not something I would have done outside of Insight.

What top tips would you give to graduates applying now?

Make sure you do plenty of preparation for the assessment centre. Not just focussing on the particular area you are applying to, but also why you want to work at Insight. If you are given anything to work on before the assessment centre, e.g. a presentation, make sure you’re completely prepared for it.

How would you describe the culture at Insight Investment?

The culture at Insight is very friendly and supportive. There is a lot of collaboration, not just in teams or areas of the company, but between departments as well. There isn’t much sense of hierarchy but more of a team atmosphere where everyone is working towards similar goals.