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Interview: Maya Odubanjo, Junior Client Service Specialist

Book open Reading time: 2 mins
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I studied Economics and graduated from the University of Kent in 2020. I am now working at Insight Investment as a Junior Client Service Specialist.  My day to day role includes managing key tasks associated with client change activity, including onboarding new clients and changes to existing client mandates and fee schedules. Also supporting the delivery of business as usual activity and ad hoc requests from clients, working closely with Client Directors and Investment Professionals from across the business.  

In my spare time I enjoy advocating for change and in 2020 I established a network which hosted events such as online networking sessions and panel discussions, which aimed to motivate and educate young individuals of ethnic minority. 

Why Insight Investment?

My passion for Economics is what sparked my interest in the Asset Management Industry. Whilst studying Economics at University I attended various workshops and Insight days. Insight Investment stood out to me because the firm is focused on innovation and continual growth, as shown by the company’s considerable involvement in shaping Liability Driven investment. I am surrounded by bright and ambitious individuals on a day to day basis and as a result I have been able to learn a tremendous amount thus far. 

What opportunities outside of your role have Insight Investment enabled you to be a part of? 

Outside of my day to day role, I am a member of the Charity Committee. It has been rewarding being able to help those within society who are most vulnerable. I am also currently completing my Investment Management Certificate (IMC). Insight Investment have been extremely supportive and accommodating throughout the process and I am enjoying enhancing my knowledge of the Investment industry. 

What top tips would you give to graduates applying now? 

Research is key during the application process. Before I applied to Insight Investment, I carried out a lot of research on the company and themes within the wider investment landscape. During the interview, I then asked questions about the information I had found out. I would also say that it is good to think of something that will make you stand out amongst the other applicants, for example, perhaps you started a small business whilst at university. This shows the interviewer that you have key skills such as time management, creativity etc. 

How would you describe the culture at Insight Investment? 

Insight Investment is an innovative firm, always looking for new ways to improve systems and processes. Ideas are welcomed from everyone no matter your seniority. Collaboration is also key, as the firm knows the importance of diversity of thought.