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Pilgrim's Food Masters 7 values

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Why Join Pilgrim’s Food Masters

Our values are at the heart of our business and drive everything we do. Availability is key as we are receptive and open and prepared to take on new challenges. Humility is important to us as we listen and respect each other and value opinions of others. Discipline is vital to fulfil commitment internally and externally. We need to be truthful to each other and respectful of other opinions, so Sincerity drives us. We focus on what’s practical and important so through Simplicity, Ownership and Determination we succeed.

All these core values culminate into our vision which is:  

To be the best and most respected company in our industry, creating the opportunity of a better future for our team member.


Our 7 values reflect the shared attitudes and behaviours to which Pilgrim’s Food Masters as a business adhere to:

  • Determination - Relentless, delivers superior results and honours commitments. Makes things happen, seeks alternatives to problems and engages people to achieve a common goals. Has a sense of urgency, an ownership attitude and never gives up
  • Simplicity - Makes things happen in a simple and practical way. Hands-on approach and gets right to the point. Simplifies things and avoids bureaucracy
  • Availability – Receptive and open. High availability demonstrated through readiness every day and every hour and always prepared. Open to new ideas and change, motivated to take on new challenges
  • Humility - Listens and considers the opinions of others. Recognises that no matter who did it – it is a team accomplishment. Not embarrassed to ask questions or say “I don’t know”. Not arrogant or conceited. Does not worry about status or think they know everything. Prioritises “we” over “I”
  • Sincerity - Direct, sincere, truthful and transparent. Has a positive attitude and builds valuable relationships. True to themselves and not afraid to express an opinion even when contrary to the views of others. Knows how to say no
  • Discipline - Honours deals. Punctual and fulfils commitments. Performs tasks in a disciplined manner. Focussed, pragmatic and optimises time, activities and resources. Delivers results and does not create justifications or make excuses
  • Ownership – Committed to results with a deep understanding of the details and “big picture” context. Acts with determination and discipline, focussing on the details. Always seeks to be the best in everything they do and never gives up. Takes responsibility and does not accept when things do not work well. Has a passion to improve what is not correct. Attentive to costs and details and engaged in the organisations culture 


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