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Learn about the different business areas at TikTok

By TikTok
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We heard from the TikTok team, who shared a little insight into what their department in the business does. Scroll through to find out more

Anna – Early Careers

Early Careers is the place where fantastic talent meets their new career. They're responsible for the end-to-end Early Careers journey.

What does that mean?

“Well, you will see or hear from us at events or once you apply; following this, we are your recruitment point of contact. We're also responsible for designing and managing the Early Careers development programs, including ensuring you have an enjoyable time, progressing and preparing you for your future career”

Neil – Design

With incredible creativity and artistic skill, the Design team shapes the visual representation of our products and businesses. They create unique designs that are not just visually appealing but also express the aesthetic of the brand.

Neil says…

“Creative Lab is TikTok's ideas and inspiration place. Our 60+ team of planners, creatives, producers, designers, editors and project managers make work that showcases new products, celebrates TikTok culture and makes brands famous on the channel. Brands come to Creative Lab to bring unique ideas to life!”

Nina – Marketing

Combining creativity and market research, the Marketing team captivates consumers and business partners by leading our branding, advertising, communications and media strategies worldwide. They strive to elevate the visibility of the TikTok brand globally.

Nina says…

“The Social team's role is to drive community engagement through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook - this means that we use trending content to get people who don't use TikTok on TikTok”

Rosanna – Operations

Utilising strong analytical abilities, the Operations Team ensures that Tik Tok products' quality meets users' expectations and needs.

Rosanna says…

“With my team, I drive revenue at scale efficiently and strategically to contribute to TikTok's growth. It is mainly an analytical role with strategic elements, including revenue planning, operational effectiveness in our tooling and processes, and ensuring strong partnership cross-functionally across teams. It is a fascinating role since it provides a bird's eye view of the business and allows you to shape long-term initiatives with a strong impact”

Cheryl – Product

Focusing on innovation and direction, the Product Team investigates, identifies, and guides the success of the world-class platform. They drive product development and impact by analysing the market, determining the vision and strategy and collaborating with other teams.

Cheryl says…

“Product Strategy & Operations are the teams that lead change and are the driving force in turning products into market success. A team of over 60 people across Europe & Israel, we influence product roadmaps, define market fit and deliver go-to-market strategies. Working with several internal stakeholders to ensure alignment and drive impact externally”

Benjamin – Research and Development (RD)

The RD team drives business forward by refining and improving the current product to meet the demands of global users and exploring future innovations.

Benjamin says…

“We work with real-time data to develop different Machine Learning models within the Recommendation System that powers everyone's beloved For-You Feed. We continuously work on improving the system in all aspects to help find the best content most suited to each user”

Leo – Sales

The Sales Teams, also known as Global Business Solutions, do more than generate revenue. They create valuable connections between the product and other brands.

Leo says…

“The Global Business Solutions, Key Accounts team is responsible for consultative selling of TikTok's advertising space and marketing solutions to the World's biggest brands! The team is in specialised verticals (e.g. Travel, Entertainment, Finance, etc.). Each vertical has a team of Brand Partnership Managers where everyone has a particular set of clients they focus on”