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Alpha Financial Markets Consulting

Alpha Financial Markets Consulting is an international management consultancy firm. We specialise in asset and wealth management, and provide consulting services to buy-side firms, their service providers, and vendors within Europe and the USA.

Our team is of a uniquely high calibre, and by focussing on asset and wealth management alone we build deep knowledge and experience within our industry. We develop subject matter expertise by working directly for market leading asset and wealth managers as well as through industry-recognised qualifications, such as the CFA and IMC.

Alpha Technology Solutions (ATS)

Our expertise with technology is very specific: we work exclusively with clients in the asset and wealth management industry. Our team have many years of experience in the sector, helping clients use technology to turn business goals into reality.

Instead of having to reinvent the wheel for every challenge, we provide a quick and effective response based on particular needs. We search the market continually for innovations or mould breaking technologies that will make a difference. We collaborate with vendors to make sure we deliver the right results for our clients.

We assess the relative merits of industry best practice versus a centralised, tailored solution to understand what the business impacts will be. We talk to business users in language they understand rather than jargon. We support businesses after the implemented programme has gone live.

High profile programmes we’ve managed include major Front-to-Back Office solutions for: Charles River, Bloomberg, Markit EDM and SimCorp Dimension. We're on the hunt for our next set of graduate developers to help shape and grow our business.

We are looking for candidates who are bright, hard-working and eager to make a difference in a sociable and busy city consultancy. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch and we’d love to tell you more.

"We are looking for candidates who are bright, hard-working and eager to make a difference in a sociable and busy city consultancy."

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