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At Bloomberg in London: “It’s helped a lot to bring my German language and influence to work.”

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Meet Celine Krautscheid, from Cologne, Germany. She works at Bloomberg as part of the Fixed Income Electronic Trading Team, and was a summer intern at the company before becoming a full time employee.

German-speaking employees in Bloomberg’s London office work with a variety of clients across financial services, alongside colleagues in regional hubs in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf and extending to clients based in Austria and Switzerland. Bloomberg’s expertise in the market and our employees’ abilities to engage with clients in their native language is of critical importance.



Here, Celine shares what she loves about living in London, how she uses her language skills at work, and what sets the Bloomberg culture apart.

What do you like most about living in London?

The city has so much to offer. I love being out and about. There are so many things to do, whether it’s shopping or something to do with art or music.I initially thought the city was very big because I come from the countryside in Germany. But I very quickly felt comfortable.Even though London is so big and diverse, it’s also very, very warm. I felt right at home.

I love London because I can always see something new, I can always try something new. And there are always new corners to discover.

What do you like most about your role?

I think I have a pretty big influence at work. As one of the escalating points of contact within our team, I have quite a lot of responsibility, even on a global level.

I collaborate with a variety of teams, from engineering to product, both here in London and in New York. I’m very aware of the responsibility and very happy to come to work. I have wonderful colleagues with whom I can collaborate well and who I can always ask, no matter what, if I need help.

How have your language skills influenced your work?

I think my German language skills have helped me with my work in a variety of ways, in customer service or in contact with German colleagues here in London. I’ve also been able to raise various things that I noticed in the German market and then accordingly expand my role at work on a global level.

How does it feel to incorporate your cultural values at work?

It’s helped me a lot to bring my German influence to work – to not always take myself too seriously, and that’s helped to make work fun.

And the people at Bloomberg are super international. It’s a lot of fun and you always have access to different influences.

How does working at Bloomberg encourage you to be yourself?

Since so many different people with so many different backgrounds work here, it makes you feel at ease to show up the way you want. There is no prejudice at Bloomberg as to how one should look in order to fulfill a specific job.

How would you describe your relationship with your team?

I think we all get along really well as a team. We have a lot of fun together. We are all very busy, but we always try to create a relaxed atmosphere, the kind of environment in which we all have fun at work and achieve our goals. We help each other out. We’re trying to get the work done together.