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Dedication to corporate sustainability

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“Sustainability is all about best practice. It is about managing our organisation with an eye to the future and dealing with our people and resources fairly and positively” - Lance Uggla, Chairman and CEO. 

For IHS Markit, corporate sustainability is integral to their entire organisation, from the environmental policies to interaction with clients. Together with their customers and partners, they are active supporters of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), 2030 Agenda.


As a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide, IHS Markit sees the importance in remaining accountable, customer-focused and inclusive. They are committed to the highest ethical conduct, as outlined in their Business Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy, to ensure the best practices with regards to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. 


IHS Markit has pledged to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2020 as part of the We Mean Business coalition of companies committed to Climate Action. They regularly make choices to help reduce waste and their carbon footprint whilst increasing operational efficiency and enabling support for a healthier planet. In 2018, as a step towards  this progress, they offset their 2017 carbon footprint for their offices spaces and air travel. 


IHS Markit has been named one of America’s 50 most community-minded companies in the 2016 Civic 50, in which they actively support communities through philanthropy and citizenship efforts. Introduced in 2013, the company offers the opportunity to take three days of paid time off to volunteer. This has allowed employees of IHS Markit to contribute almost 52,000 volunteer hours in 2018, supporting a variety of causes such as education, health and wellness and the environment. IHS Markit also celebrated their 11-year partnership by raising over $360,000 USD for childhood cancer research.

Information, analytics and expertise

IHS Markit continues to develop multi-faceted solutions to help industry and non-profit agencies around the globe meet their sustainability challenges. They partner with customers to provide insight on critical issues including green energy and carbon offsets, economic and country risk, and your supply chain. Their new ESG Reporting platform will allow for a central hub for data produced by companies, such as sustainability reports, climate reports and other relevant information that may be of interest to its stakeholders.

Key progress is being made by IHS Markit and their work towards sustainability has been recognised globally being named as the most influential tech analyst firm in 2018 by Enterprise Management 360.

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