Accenture Leading the way for a truly inclusive LGBT workplace

At Accenture, we’re delighted to have been recognised as one of Stonewall’s Top Global Employers 2017 as well as continually being a Stonewall “Star Performer”. This reflects our exceptional and continued commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, where our people can be themselves.

As a ‘star performer’, we share our expertise by actively mentoring other organisations that are working to create a workplace culture that is inclusive of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. Each year star performers are challenged to find out new and innovative ways to drive workplace equality and inclusion.

Our aim at Accenture is to be the world’s most inclusive and diverse organisation by 2020. We know that when an employee ‘self-edits’ and is not comfortable in bringing their whole identity to work, there is a risk both to their own performance and to the strength of the teams they’re in. 

To create a truly inclusive community, we are proud of the steps we have taken and continue to take towards this:

  • The inception of our first UK LGBT Network in 2004 which started as a social hub and then became a professional body capable of creating concrete change.
  • Engage open and accessible role models – in 2007 we had our first openly LGBT member on our UK Executive Committee and one of our transgender role models invited questions from anyone with a ‘no question is too stupid’ approach.’
  • Perfecting existing policies – for example we updated maternity, paternity and partner, and adoption policies with appropriate and inclusive language. We have a dedicated Diversity Procurement team working with LGBT-friendly employers.
  • Policies for the majority – our policies clearly articulate the respectful, ethical and fair behaviour we expect of all our employees.
  • Engaging the majority through our LGBT Allies Programme – all members can wear bright, rainbow lanyards, attend regular training sessions, mobilise & organise ally events, and include their ally status in their email signature for all company communications to further showcase our focus on support
  • Regular LGBT & Allies social events.

As we continue working towards our global ambition; a number of employees share the impact a truly LGBT workplace has had for them.

“When Indian colleagues started to adopt our UK Allies signatures in the absence of a local programme (and the criminalisation of same-sex relationships in India), a member of the Indian community came out to his colleagues. When he attended Bangalore Pride the following weekend, not only did he find colleagues there with their families, but all were wearing supportive T-Shirts”.

“As someone relatively new to Accenture, and only having just “come out” to my family & friends, LGBT allies wearing the lanyards really visibly re-affirm to me on a daily basis how fortunate I am to work in such an inclusive environment.”

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