The inspirational women helping Accenture deliver high performance

Accenture’s inspirational women deliver high performance every day, and this is key to our success. At Accenture, we’re committed towards the focus on supporting, developing and mentoring women to seek and achieve opportunities to thrive and accelerate their own careers. We are committed to ensuring the support in place with our approach by offering:

  • An open and collaborative culture – across all ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures;
  • An inclusive community to grow and develop - based on integrity, achievement and respect; and
  • Support and strength to our female employees - endorsing development and progression.

Take a look at the inspirational insights from women helping Accenture below who have benefitted from the support on offer to drive their careers forward:


Elizabeth Ajayi

Robotics Lead Business Analyst 

Top tip for success?

Never limit yourself. I have learnt that a career with Accenture is almost limitless with the incredibly broad scope of work we do on a global platform and our attitude towards pioneering new and exciting technologies. Go all out, your goals are your limit.

What inspires you?

The challenges that come with my role. It inspires me to constantly develop my acumen and it always puts my Robotics consulting and problem solving skills to test. 


Wendy Wu

Programme Advisory Senior Manager

Accenture is a workplace that consistently challenges me – 12 years on, I’m still learning new things. I enjoy working in a team and seeing my people grow.

Top tip for success?

‘Good fortune comes to those who work hard.’ 

What inspires you?

Great leaders / role models inspire me to be a better person and to go the extra mile.


Lyndsey Bohall

Business Process Analyst

Top tip for success?

Be willing to have the tough conversations – I think women sometimes have a difficult time asking for they want, but if you’re willing to have the conversation, you’ll be surprised by how willing people are to help you achieve your goals.

What inspires you?

Passionate people! I love working with people who care about what they’re working on because it  translates to such high energy and focus, which spills over onto everyone involved and elevates the quality of work.


Risham Nadeem

Workshop Design Analyst

I love my role! The work is so interesting, and there’s tons of exposure. The team is great fun and we all support each other.

Top tip for success?

Get stuck in and ask lots of questions – it’s the best way to learn.

What inspires you?

The people I work with. Being surrounded by a fantastic team makes all the difference. I’ve been lucky to have amazing line managers who have invested their time in my development and they make me work harder and better.


Accenture is committed to encouraging a diverse workplace, providing an environment and culture that empowers our people to define their personal approaches to success. We are proud to have been recognised for our achievements.

You can create your own inspirational story at Accenture today!