Culture at Accenture

Are you considering applying to a graduate role or internship at leading consultancy firm, Accenture? Read on to find out about the core values which shape their unique culture. 


Accenture are passionate about developing their people. As a new graduate this means you can expect a wealth of training and development opportunities to allow you to contribute meaningfully to the firm from day one. Accenture are also committed to improving communities and the global environment and they do this through a constant focus on building a better, stronger and more durable company that will last for future generations. In focusing on its people, Accenture challenges its employees and looks for them to consistently demonstrate a "can-do" attitude to problem solving. This culture is fostered in a collaborative and mutually supportive environment. 

"Accenture seek to attract, develop and retain the best talent to enhance the business."

Strong client relationships

Accenture work to enable clients to become high-performance businesses. This is done through the creation of long term relationships and through being, at all times, responsive to client needs. Accenture build relationships, focus on collaboration and promote learning in order to deliver exceptional service to clients wherever they are doing business. As a graduate Analyst, this may mean travelling the world in order to build and develop effective working relationships with clients. 

"Accenture value diversity and unique contributions." 

Respect and integrity

Accenture value diversity and the unique contributions of their employees. The culture at Accenture is trusting, open and inclusive. Every individual is treated in a manner that reflects Accenture’s values. For most businesses, integrity is very important. At Accenture, this manifests itself in being ethically reliable, honest and inspiring trust by saying exactly what you mean, matching behaviours to what has been promised and taking responsibility for your actions. 

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