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Trainee Project Manager - Day in the Life

Book open Reading time: 2 mins

Farah Hassan – 12 month Work Placement Trainee Project Manager


What do you do at Arcadis?

I am a Trainee Project Manager assisting with Project Management duties such as arranging meetings, monitoring action trackers and liaising with the Client.

Why do you love working at Arcadis?

I love working at Arcadis because of the sense of community. Everyone is willing to help each other no matter what their level/position is as everyone is treated equally and valued. Arcadis is also a flexible place to work, so you can work in the way that suits you best. I think Arcadis is the best place to gain hands on experience of the industry, putting what I learnt at University into practice.

Can you describe a ‘typical day’ in your role?

A day in my role always varies as not every day is the same, which is great. As I am acting as assistant project manager in my current project, I typically schedule and organise project meetings, which I then take minutes for and distribute these to the wider team following the meeting. I also review and manage the action tracker for the project. Moreover, attend meetings with the Client, and contribute to the Dashboard Report, which gives an overview to the Client about the progress, actions and key issues/risks of the project within a given period.

What has been your favourite project up to now?

My favourite project would be the Alder Castle CAT A Refurb project, which I joined at the very beginning of the project. It is an interesting project as not only is it just a Category A refurbishment to three of the floors in an office building; a Church will be occupying the lower ground floor - acting as tenants who will then complete their own refurbishment. Contributing on the project has been very insightful as it has been interesting to see how different parties work together and to watch the project come to life. I am excited to see how it will progress.

What tips would you give to someone who is applying to Arcadis?

My tip for someone who is applying for a role at Arcadis is to take time to research about Arcadis, ensure your values align with Arcadis' and learn about the culture at Arcadis. Also, just be yourself!